Интерьерные часы

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Интерьерные часы - это не только выбор настоящих знатоков, людей, которые ценят все подлинное, солидное, качественное, но еще и прекрасный подарок к любому торжеству.
Корпуса часов производятся из качественных материалов: ценных и традиционных пород древесины, стекла, пластика.

Interior Mikhail Moskvin watches are not only the choice of true experts and people, who appreciate all genuine, respectable, high-quality, but also a perfect gift for any occasion.
Wall and table clocks have long turned from the legacy devices for determining of time in the original and stylish interior feature. More and more attention is paid to design, because they must harmoniously fit into the interior, becoming its modest supplement or the original highlight. Limited Company “Uglich Watch Factory” offers a wide range of products in different styles.
The watch cases are made from high-quality materials: valuable and traditional wood species, jewelry glass, plastic.